6 Super Simple Things You Can Try For a Solid 2016

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5 minute mornings

As a family man, lengthy meditations just don’t happen. Heck I don’t think I’ve actually achieve a full state of meditation in my life! Instead, I try to find 5 quiet minutes where I can concentrate on deep breaths and clear my head. Do this in the morning at least three days per week and you’ll see an increase in mental alertness and clarity.

Money smarts

2015 in this neck of the woods was a bit of a downer year. The economy is sluggish and people need to be smart about where they spend their money. In our household and in my business, paying attention to where we spend money is going to be a priority. It’s not about cutting off spending completely but about spending wisely and being a bit more thrifty.


There are clear moments when I’ve gotten more value out of times of high engagement than times of low engagement. This counts for life, business and everything in between. Engage more, and you’ll get more in return. Simple.

Not shrugging it off

2016 should be a year of never shrugging things off because of lack of resources. The web, our networks (and their networks) should allow you to pretty much do anything you’d like — seriously, anything. Maybe it’s finally fixing something in your home, finding a new business partner, or information on travelling somewhere exotic. Use your resources and get what you need. No excuses.

Awesome eating

Life is way to short to not eat amazing food. Take the time to find good ingredients, prepare your meals and enjoy with people you love. Even the simplest things (ahem — KD) can be spiced up with some additional ingredients and tender love and care.

Appreciating everything

I don’t know about you, but 2015 definitely had me thinking more about the preciousness of life, what I have, and what opportunities lie ahead of me. I’m recommending everyone adopt an “appreciate-everything” approach for 2016. Yes this means stopping to “smell the roses” more often. But also to appreciate the little things, the big things, our families, our health and our freedom on a minute-by-minute basis. It’s a simple way to feel great and just be a happier person.

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