How to motivate yourself by creating a VISION?

Self Motivation (competence)

  1. Create a VISION. (making what you see appear visible)
  2. Produce the internal drive and emotion from that VISION.
  3. Ask yourself these 4 questions
  • Do you believe you can do it?
  • Will it work? (believing the behavior will lead to the ultimate outcome/VISION)
  • Is it worth it? (selection by consequences)
  • Are you a Success seeker or Failure avoider?

Through this VISION you’ve created for yourself you should be able to:

  1. Feel confident
  2. Be mindful of the choices you have
  3. Self teach yourself (autonomy)
  4. Psychological strength

However, on the journey to achieve the VISON you’ve created in the beginning there comes a time where consequences arise and you have to


Distress (sorrow/pain) or apathy (lack of interest) may arise in your journey which in this case you need to be able to:

  • Learn from each other’s experiences
  • Have the humility to accept feedback
  • Use courage to speak to others and make them feel self motivated to create their own VISON!
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