To resolve this problem, you need to populate the cells with different types of people — pioneers, settlers and town planners. It’s not realistic to think that everyone has the same attitude, some are much more capable of living in a world of chaos, experimentation and failure whilst others are much more capable of dealing with intensive modelling, the rigours of volume operations and measurement. You need brilliant people with the right aptitudes (e.g. engineering, finance) and different attitudes (e.g. pioneers, settlers).

I have been thinking about your PST stuff for a while.

I am pretty sure I could create the PST structure as a reusable holacracy app

  • A circle for each for pioneers, settlers and town planners
  • 2 piazza teams as sub circles of P or S or TP circles
  • inter PST theft mechanics encoded as domains/policies of the P or S or TP circles

Huge fan of your work, read all your blog entries back to 2013.

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