do yourself a favor

(make a todo list)

Boom, you have a great idea. 8 months later, you still have a great idea. Except nothing has changed. Your idea is still a dream.

This happens to me a lot. It wastes so much time. Think about how far your idea could have come in 8 months!! Don’t have any regrets though, regrets are worse than pretty much everything (except anxiety, both suck equally).

It’s not too late, dreamer! It’s better late than never to be honest. Make a list of 10 things you can do right now to make your idea less of an idea and more of a thing. The 10 first steps to making your idea real. Then go do them.

Close this tab right now. And every other tab/distraction. Turn off the TV. Stop eating. Flush the toilet. Get to work!


If you end up hating your idea, try another. Get your new 10 steps and goooo!

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