Geographic Comparison of India with other countries!

Today I was looking at the map of India on Google and was looking how the geographical structure is. And then I moved it to view other countries like, US, UK, Canada (north of US), UAE, China, Japan. And other countries looked to me most simplified than India. Below is the comparison between other countries and India (from where I belong).

Canada is similarly multi-lingual and multi-cultural as India. 
But, If we compare geographic structure of both countries, 
there is a huge difference that most of the parts of India will look 
visually cluttered in map.

(screenshot of a map: some part of Canada Way)

(screenshot of a map: part of India)

Why can’t be India well-structured? Why can’t we design the country geographically? Why is the reason India is been so cluttered?

While Canada is considered to be recent civilization, India is 
an ancient one. Canada is simplified in may ways, such as standard 
of living, education and infrastructure,non-elective government, 
less corruption and population, where India is different from this country. It is very complicated to understand Asian country like India. And also very difficult to decide to which problem is to focus on and where to start from.


(screenshot of a map: part of UAE)

While looking at Dubai, Palm Jumeirah (artificial Iceland chain) attracted my attention. Great example of geoglyphic design. This represents Dubai as one of the fastest growing countries in the world.

What if we design India geographically? Not to make an artificial archipelago, but at least reconstruct and simplify roadways and governmental residential areas. Could it be possible?…

— — — — –

I am reading more about my country to understand and value it. Also, understanding other countries to know how different is my country and what can we do for it!

Seeking for more realization… !

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