Hellfire pride

Talking to a Belgian friend who clearly doesn’t want to make America great again, I realized there is little things more American than a Hellfire missile. 
Little 100lbs bundles of freedom (pronounced Free-Duhm my heathen friends), proudly manufactured on US soil by US workers and then sold to the government for hard earned tax dollars (50% of all money income "taken" by the government goes straight to military spending) so that Lockheed Martin executives can bathe in $$$, these little ambassadors of world peace have been spreading the will of God for the past 30 years all across the globe.

Hand delivered using an exclusive 1of1 program with 24x7 monitoring until the day you die, these missionaries of liberty, little ambassadors of laissez-faire have been brightening up the lives of their customers since 1984.
How can you not love a missile that’s been bringing peace and harmony to such harrowing places like Panama, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, etc... Aren’t those places teeming with freedom, love and pride now, after discount programs such as Operation Just Cause, Operation Allied Force, Operation Iraqi Freedom or the unforgettable Operation Enduring Freedom?
This Christmas, spread the love, spread the gift of Free-Duhm using only American made goods. Let’s bring the gift of Hellfire to another place that doesn’t want it. 
Be proud. Be brave. Be free. Be a god of Hellfire!

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