You actually believe Mexico will pay for the wall?
Michael Clarke

Yes, Mexico will pay a few billion for the wall as an agreement to deal with part of their trade deficit to avoid tariffs, as well as to keep wire transfer institutions from being classified as banks and subject to account rules that force them to confirm the identity of people using them. Meaning no more illegals wire transferring money back to mexico, a flow that amounts to roughly 20+ billion per year, and acts as welfare for the poorest of the poor mexicans. A few billion pesos for the wall is a small price to pay to keep that money flowing. Remember, the US government is not responsible for the wellbeing of the citizens of other nations, it is up to the government of mexico to make the right call, or deal with the wrath of their citizens.

Also, if you took the time to read anything on Trumps site, you would see that his trade policy is not “make everything in the USA” its “force china to play by the rules they already agreed to play by, or the free trade deal is over.” Meaning that US businesses should have free access to chinese markets, the same as chinese companies have free access to US markets. Included in the plan is also “encouragement” to force china to respect international intellectual property laws, such as patent, trademark, and copyright, which they currently ignore completely. The only IP that matters in china is IP originating in china, everyone else's is up for grabs. This is a well established third party fact, and not related to Trumps information. Any IP lawyer will be happy to fill you in, i'm still a bit of a novice in that field.

Nothing in Trumps plans is too far out right field, the problem is, in the case of people like you, lack of exposure or understanding of the truth. You should spend less time with memes on social media, and more time studying up on things for yourself so you dont sound like a parrot of the liberal media's inaccurate talking points.

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