Café Blå Lotus

Södermalm is the island of hipsters in this city. It’s one of the most beautiful places with dozens of great cafes. It’s always an adventure to try out new places there. You walk past all those incredible buildings with an excitement that you will find something new, something that would make your heart beat faster, something that you will remember and cherish for a long time. Café Blå Lotus is like that. It’s slightly below the ground level so you have to take a couple of steps down the stairs and when you walk in through the door, you immediately know that you will come back. You find yourself in a big room full of light. Green walls are covered by paintings, prints and mirrors in beautiful frames. You walk around and discover that there are two more rooms in similar style with blue and red walls, dimmed lights and private atmosphere. “Lotus” in the name makes you think of Asia, but in decorations you can find everything: from Bollywood-like posters to religious icons typical to Christian countries.

Selection of deserts at Café Blå Lotus is smaller than you would expect. All of them are typical to most Swedish cafes, but you get surprised how classical and well-know things could feel home-made on one side and have a twist that elevates the taste to the height you couldn’t have imagined on the other. Add some good coffee to it and here is the recipe to one of the best places in town. You can even buy alcohol there. It just doesn’t get better than this.

I wish only one thing. That this place will never change. That the carrot cake stays as moist and delicious. That the coffee has the light bitter taste so you immediately want more. That the interior is so encouraging for a long relaxed conversation that you completely disconnect from any sense of time.