Photo by Chris Holgersson on Unsplash

“Many people die at twenty-five and aren’t buried until they are seventy-five” — unknown

Everyone has their childhood dreams or their hobbies or some things that they really enjoy but aren’t ‘realistic’ career options. So we don’t pursue those things, which is the right choice because we actually need to make money to survive.

At some point we “grow up” and accept that we will never get to do those things. We accept the reality of life that we have to work some dumb job that we don’t really care about and learn to be happy with what we’re doing.

Maybe there’ll be a time when doing what we actually want is easier because all the ‘jobs’ are taken by robots, but until then we’ll just continue to struggle to find happiness in our work.

Still, we don’t have to abandon our hobbies/passions completely when we start working jobs. Instead we can strive for balance, and always find some time in the day to do things that we care about. Because that’s what really keeps us alive.

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