How To Delete Facebook But Keep Your Memories with SocialVault

SocialVault main page

Facebook has been in the press a lot recently, and not for good reasons. They’ve shown a constant disregard for user privacy, which has inspired many to #deletefacebook. However, if you’ve used Facebook for years, you probably have a lot of memories there with your posts, photos, comments, and more. Facebook allows you to download all of this data, and now thanks to SocialVault, there’s a safe place to store it.

In this article I’ll talk about how to store your memories safely before deleting your Facebook account.

Downloading your Facebook Data

Go to the Your Facebook Information page and you will see a list of links, click the one that says “Download Your Information”.

Your Facebook Information page

Next you’ll want to adjust your download settings to get your data in the right format for SocialVault.

  • For the “Date Range” option, select “All of my data”
  • For the “Format” option, select JSON
  • For Media Quality, please select Medium, otherwise the image files may be too large for upload

Once you have the right settings, click on the “Create File” button to request your data.

Download page

After you click “Create File” you should see something like this:

After clicking “Create File”

Facebook will send you an email when they’ve prepared your data for download. This can take up to a few days.

Uploading to SocialVault

SocialVault provides decentralized and encrypted storage for your Facebook data. This means that no one can access your data but you. It provides an interface for browsing through all your Facebook data such as photos, posts, comments and much more.

After downloading your Facebook data, you should have a folder named “facebook-username”. To upload your data, go to the upload page on SocialVault, and select that folder for upload.

Folder selection

And that’s it. Once you’re done with this, your data is securely stored online and you can visit SocialVault any time to take a walk down memory lane.

Me in my prime

Now that all of your data is backed up, you can safely delete your Facebook account.

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