Impossible Year Week 2: Hackathon Win and Microgrant

My drawing skills irl

Wow has it really only been two weeks? Feels like I’ve been through hell and back already. It’s going to be a long year. Anyway, going to keep this one relatively short because I’m in the middle of the launch for Project Mars AKA Microgrant at the moment and have to deal with that.


That’s how I spent my time in the last week. As you can see, a majority of it was spent on this “Project Mars” thing, so let’s just talk about that.

Project Mars aka Microgrant

So the real name for Project Mars is Microgrant. And the TL;DR is that it helps people get funding for courses and books that they need but can’t afford. There are many people who might not be able to get to their full potential because of their lack of resources, and I want to help them achieve that potential.

I’ve been building it and messaging potential users throughout the week, and today it’s basically launched because Vlad tweeted it.

We’ll see where it goes, I think there’s lots of obstacles to succeeding with a website like this, and it will be much harder to pull off than something like SocialVault or Interview Insider. But I do like it the most of any project, so maybe that will help.

Blockstack Hackathon Prize

So SocialVault was actually built for an online hackathon hosted by Blockstack, which I submitted it to a few weeks ago. Didn’t expect much to come of it, but found out recently that I placed 3rd for “Most Dappy”. Yay.

This Week

What will I be doing this week? Well firstly, trying to make sure all the people who post requests on Microgrant get funded. Secondly, working on a new project, very different from the last. I’ve been doing roughly 1 product a week at this point, but this one will probably take longer than 1 week to ship? We’ll see. This new product is more content based aka there will be a podcast. Let’s call it Project Sirius.

See ya next week 👋🏾.

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