Life and Death (#98)

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Everyone knows that we get one life, and one death and that’s it. But if you look at things a bit more closely, it’s not that simple. We live many lives and have many deaths.

First we’re helpless babies who have no idea what anything is. Then we’re young children, full of wonder, curiosity and innoence. Then we’re older children, starting to become a bit less innocent, and a bit less curious. High school is a crazy time where really anything can happen, you make friends, and enemies, maybe you get bullied, maybe you are the bully.

High School to College is a huge change. The high school version of you dies, and something new is born. In college you can start over again, and be whoever you want. It is a time away from your old friends, and bullies, and parents. You can explore your interests, find yourself, or lose yourself. You build up skills, knowledge, and friendships. You create a new identity. And then 4 years later, it all ends. Dead again. Born again.

Leaving college, you go out into the “real world” and you have to deal with “real problems”. The world tells you that you have to have everything figured out by now, and you pretend that you do, even though you don’t. You start your first full-time job, and you’re starting all over again in a new environment, with new people. Who will you be this time? What will this version of you be? This isn’t the end of course, there’s still marriage, and raising kids, and all that other fun stuff. But the point is that we live many lives, and each time we get a chance to do something different, to be something different. Hopefully we choose to be better in this life than we were in the last.

Originally published at on June 23, 2019.

Dmitri Kyle Brereton

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