A really nice way to record and edit podcasts is to have each person speaking isolated to their own channel. In my early days it was one microphone into a single recorder so every one was ont he same track. …

I have been in and around podcasting for the past 10 year. In the modern age of youtube and soundcloud I am still surprised that hosting for podcasting is still a thing that people have to and actually need to pay for.

Even though the file sizes for audio podcasts…

While I am posting about podcasts, I also have one of my own.

Please check it out at:

Gurus of Comedy

I found this article on medium about using the google speech to text API.

As a python coder this was a good first start, but was not in a state that I could just use it.

Please read the original article, for the why, this is just the how.


A lot of people know of an RSS feed, but do you know what it is, why it is important and should you generate your own one, or use the one that your podcast hosting provider generates?

Before we get to that, what is a podcast? You may think you…

2017 was a very interesting year for DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) and it’s famous examples of Bitcoin and Ethereum. As a long time user, it was interesting to see conversations on these topics move from the fringes to being actual plot points in TV shows.

While the super run on…

Dave Keeshan

Podcaster Extraordinaire

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