Technology for Contactless ID exists now. As we open our economy, we can better protect our most virus-exposed society members on a new front-line: ID Checking.

The COVID-19 pandemic is sweeping our planet and leaving no person or industry untouched. The tragic aftermath of this virus will continue to haunt us for years to come. Healthcare workers, TSA Agents, store clerks, and pharmacists are some of the many who have been working tirelessly to maintain and improve quality of life through the crisis.

Three TSA Agents have died and 428 Agents fallen sick from exposure doing their jobs during this…

The new Mobile Driver License (mDL) can be used to make customer interactions more efficient and accurate. Understand how mDL interactions work using the ISO/IEC 18013–5 Standard…

Read this article sequentially so that definitions of New Terms build. Some content attributable to members of the ISO/IEC 18013–5 group.

What is an mDL?

We use Driver’s Licenses every day in a myriad of situations/ways. Although the card primarily represents our privilege to drive vehicles, we seldom present it for that purpose. It also represents a confirmation of our legal age, name, and our contact information in the physical world. …

David Kelts on ID

Trusting identity in our mobile web of a world is a solvable problem if we define and build the right framing. David is a long-time identity industry expert.

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