7 things I did to reboot my life.
Wil Wheaton

Thank you Mr. Wil Wheaton for taking the time to write! For your words landed square on your doppelganger (in spirit), whom was a child actor, lives in between Los Angeles and San Francisco and is about to open a Gastropub in the Silicon Valley. I have some experience with the things that you so eloquently wrote about on what I see as one of the worlds gifts from technology — Medium. I am also possessed by the night time demons and currently juggle three jobs and way too many projects in Hollywood, Silicon Valley and beyond.

Thankfully, I have no illusions about my place and path at this point and now openly even write about it. Change is good and health, both mentally and physically is what guides me at the moment.

I’ve had many successes and even more failures, which I See as building blocks. Luckily, I’ve been schooled by some of the most talented mentors in every industry I have tried.

Now, I’m ready to “taste” all the finest beers California has to offer and by “taste,” I mean sip and enjoy as they were meant to be enjoyed…just like life!

All the best,

Derek Kempinsky