Trump Will Win. Fear Will Win.

Trump will win.

Donald Trump is going to be President. Trump is going to be the President of the United States. Trump is going to be the Commander in Chief. Trump is going to be the Executive Branch of our government.

I need you to feel this pain with me right now.

Donald Trump is going to be executing policies on the economy, gender, sexuality and ethnicity. Trump is going to be a phone call away from nuclear weapons.

Trump will be what every person in the world thinks of when they think of America. He will represent all of us. The free world will be Trump’s new company — to elevate or bankrupt.

Are you afraid?

Because that fear you’re feeling right now is fueling Trump’s entire movement. His supporters are this afraid — led falsely into believing his promises of safety and security. Even though he has no plan. He has feasted on their fears and with the current odds, he wins this election one out of three times.

Would you bet the fate of the U.S. on this spinner?

Donald Trump’s manipulation has built this fearful coalition. The Obama Birth Certificate movement justified the racist undertones of his supporters. He used sexism to show male dominance. He used a Muslim ban to manipulate people’s misunderstandings of terrorism. He vowed to build a wall to create a common enemy of an “army of illegal immigrants” that isn’t real.

Oh, the wall. Walls are always built with the explanation that they keep bad things out. In truth, this wall will not be about keeping out terrorists and criminals. It will just hide America’s fears.

In Trump’s America, I have this image in my head of that finished wall. President Trump will turn a key to the only gate and close us in. With our wall, we will tell the world that we are not kind enough to lend a hand. We are not strong enough to smile at strangers. We are not the leaders of the Free World. We are fenced in.

Evil exists in the world, but this wall does nothing to stop that evil. It does not show the best of America. It makes America elitist. It fuels resentment and radicalism in the countries engulfed in war, terrorism and famine.

And none of this mentions Trump’s fear of our own people. He’s afraid of the people working hard everyday to make change. Out of fear or racism or hatred, Trump supporters endanger anyone who does not look like them.

So yes, Trump’s supporters are afraid.

That fear is eating the insides of our country. It has corroded this 2016 Election.

And it’s working. I’m afraid it’s worked far too well. We will soon live in the shadow of Trump’s fear.

Please vote.