Democrats aren’t ‘Divided’ — They Just Want Sanders OUT
S. Novi

The irrational and endless anti-Sanders screeds from supposed Democratic Party supporters just shows why the mainstream of this party continually loses. It is time to forget Hillary. She was more than flawed. She was corrupt. Not as corrupt as the one who beat her by a long shot, but corrupt nonetheless. I voted for her, but there is no doubt that her flaws resulted in the current fix we are in. Those like S. Novi (who is that?) who want to re-litigate last year’s primary in near hysterical volume (how many anti-Sanders articles has S. Novi written?) betray an obsession that is not useful in our struggle against the reactionary drift of this county in general and the narcissistic sociopath at it head in particular. Sanders is a bloc of the Democratic party, face it. So are people like McCaskill and Manchin (even though I wish their states were instead represented by Gephardt and Rockefeller as they once were). Demonizing blocks of the party is stupid. Sanders proved to be a much more vibrant campaigner than Clinton, but that bar was exceedingly low. Sanders will not be the nominee in 2020 so my advice to S. Novi is to do something that advances the party rather than nurse some peculiar hurt you feel from the last primary campaign. You would help the party more by advancing its electoral interests than engaging in some internal battle, in which you look especially peevish and impotent.

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