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It’s been more then 6 months, I have been using React and Redux for my projects and I can say that I have gathered some experience, which I wanted to share with community and put my two cents.

The first challenging part was setting up webpack and putting application structure together. It takes quite lot of time to come up with the structure which feels just right, but after some struggles I have stopped with this one:

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I want to note that, there have been tons of effort in React community to fix this issue. Early Facebook realised create-react-app which is officially supported way to create React applications. …

From now on I dare myself to stop reading all this stuff and go out there to figure things out myself. …

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One of the hardest things in testing world is to get started, because at first it seems so unworthy to write lots of more code. Also it could be new concept and you might be afraid of it, but trust me if you write you first tests, it gets easier and easier and in the end it will be worthy.

Here are few reasons why you should write tests:

  • It gives more confidence to change. You can change or refactor code without being afraid of breaking things.
  • Better code quality, because you have to think exact responsibilities for class and methods. …

Migrations with indexes

As you know when generating migrations you can specify which attributes you want to create. You can also specify index to be added on field

rails g migration add_username_to_link username:string:index

Reload Rails console

If you have Rails console running and make changes to models or other parts of application you can…


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