With the initial idea of organizing something cool so NFQ Asia folks can have fun together during the weekend, and to get us more in the exposure to the local tech scene area, we thought of bringing everyone to participate the most traditional and favorite thing of geeks since ages…

It has come to a point in my life where I have a big interest into Monopoly Deal card, when my colleague at Hafta introduced it to all development team in Vietnam. Amanda and Saify (founder of Hafta) suggested us to play it at least once a day, just to…

It came when I happened to receive interview invitations at two financial service companies in Vietnam, whose main business is about consumer lending. They were looking for an IT Business Analyst position, and I was one of the candidates. Both interviews went well, sort of. I could answer most of…

I’ve just finished my reading on Sprint, a book from Google Ventures, and really enjoyed it. Needless to say, it is a very well-written ‘How-to’ book. You will learn to solve big problems in just 5 days of work, like launching a new product, or making a new feature, or…

Link on Amazon

I find this book quite interesting with a few key points highlighted below. In summary, you should read it if you want to:

  • Learn why social media destroys our focus ability and how to quit it.
  • Embrace boredom and resist the urge of doing shallow work.
  • Learn the tips on how to manage and writing email effectively to save time for more essential work.

TL;DR: If you want to be an entrepreneur, you should read this book.

Another inspiring book about entrepreneurship, in which there are several points that I found really interesting:

Entrepreneurship is a good leverage

Taylor (the author) argues that, in such a high growth technology landscape as nowadays, a steady job will not guarantee us…

While reading Deep Work, I happen to be quite interested in an idea of the author, that there are three groups of people who will gain great advantage during massive restructuring of our economy given the non-stop growth of technology:

  • Essentialist: knows the right thing to focus
  • Non-essentialist: too many things to work on
Credit: Essentialism-The disciplined pursuit of less

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