To new beginnings..

It seems like I have talked a lot about myself these past few days and yet here I am, fumbling to find words to introduce myself. However, here it is.
Hello! My name is Devika Khowala and I am a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon School of Design. I studied product design for my undergraduate degree and it took me only four years to figure that the third dimension didn’t agree with me much. I then moved onto the one thing I had learnt to love — Graphic Design. After dabbling in a few freelance projects I worked with a design consultancy in Bangalore, India.

I worked on a mass transit system project for a city in India and the opportunity to design for a system/city rather than a brand made me question the way I approached design. Hence, here I am 13,634 km away from my ‘life’ re-learning design in a new and bigger context.

Apart from work, my life could simply be described as a constant struggle between eating healthy and eating desserts. Having grown up amongst friends–in various hostels & flats– I am an extrovert and a gregarious person. I love board/card games, animated movies, curios, succulents amongst loads of other things.

I look forward to seeing how these new experiences at CMU shape my outlook towards design and life in general.

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