My thoughts on Interaction Design

In my opinion, Interaction Design (IxD) has existed as long as Design has. We just called it by different names then. It was integrated in to the various disciplines– Industrial Design, Communication Design, Service Design– that we are more familiar with. In fact, in our recent studio, we observed some prehistoric stone tools and discussed the possible interactions that could’ve contributed to their development. 
IxD is ubiquitous, it can be found in something as simple as a marketing flyer to our very complex finance system. The reason that we are only focusing on it now is that our interactions have multiplied manyfold. We’ve gone from simple human-human/human-product interactions to human-computer interactions. We are now in a rapidly evolving digital-age where we have to consciously work towards creating simple, intuitive, real-world experiences.
If I were to write a strict definition, I would describe IxD as a tool or an ‘Enabler’. It enables us to achieve our objectives in the most simple yet effective way possible.

Update after class discussions on 31/08:
We all discussed our own definitions of IxD. Few points that I think add to my understanding of IxD.
• IxD should evoke emotions. (WIP)