Bernie Sanders explicitly uses “white working class” and has done so for years.
Marcus H. Johnson

Again, writing from the perspective of Wisconsin, turnout was far below 2012 in the city of Milwaukee, which is the only majority non-white city in the state. If Hillary Clinton had found a way to energize that population she could have won the 10 electoral votes in Wisconsin.

Feingold lost to a candidate who ran as the only manufacturer in the U.S. Senate. It seems to me rational that working class people who would like to find manufacturing jobs would choose a candidate who has created manufacturing jobs over a lawyer. I viewed the race up closeand I saw the issues on which Feingold ran.

In Colorado, Proposition 69 may have represented a good statute; adding a tax, with an automatic escalator, to the state constitution would have set a very dangerous precedent. The voters there were smart enough to see that.

I am trying to make the point that white working class people, by and large, want the same things as working class people of any race. If the Democrats had a better jobs message they would gain votes from the white middle class and middle class voters of other races might be inspired to turn out in larger numbers.