Modern. Republican. Woman.
Lindsey Carlasare

Thank you for this thoughtful piece. It is a nice summary of the Chamber of Commerce Republican positions and helps to explain why I voted for Republicans for many years.

In the last few years, the social conservatives have become ascendant in the Republican party. They are actually advocating more government regulation, for example: who can marry whom, what healthcare providers must discuss with their patients before performing legal medical procedures and additional restrictions on immigration. The party has been wandering into racist language and voter suppression. Now, we have a Republican Presidential administration that has made dishonesty and fabrication a part of its standard operating procedure.

For me, the negative features of the Republican Party have overwhelmed the positive pro-opportunity, pro-individual, pro-jobs part of the Republican platform. In November I found myself voting for candidates from both parties. I wonder how far from its roots the Republican Party can drift before it loses a thoughtful person like you.

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