HR Roundtable and Networking Event: 11 Reasons You Should Attend!

Attending the HR Roundtable and Networking event hosted by the Marquette University Human Resources Management Organization is a no brainer when you’re an HR major. Even if you’re not, experience interacting and hearing about what HR professionals are looking for can’t hurt you, right?

After all, they are the people that will be hiring you some day! That’s why students from all backgrounds and majors should consider attending this unique event!

Here are 11 reasons you should attend this year’s event!

  1. Network with individuals who will be your first contact person at a company. Building a connection with someone who wants to tell you more about their company and knows the answers to 99% of the questions you have will help you find the perfect company for you!
  2. Differentiate yourself from other students. You’ll be able to have face-to-face interaction with HR professionals. This is the perfect opportunity to make yourself stand out and make a good first impression. Be engaged in way that will make them remember you!
  3. Network in a group environment to ease into it for the first time. HRMO offers a no-pressure event. The night is designed to allow you to get comfortable talking to employers in roundtable discussions instead of being thrown into a room full of professionals. Each discussion group has about 30 students, so if you can’t think of anything to say, someone else probably will! No awkwardness.
  4. Learn about current issues the industry faces. Roundtable topics include: Growing Talent Strategically, Making the Business Case for Workplace Diversity, and Advancing Your Career in HR: Options and Opportunities.
  5. Always a good idea to be on the good side of the HR Department. HR professionals enjoy helping all employees — that is their job after all. But like anyone, they will probably be quicker to respond if they’ve interacted with you before.
  6. Listen to professionals discuss their experiences. Insight you won’t receive in classroom lecture. Typically these professionals will give you unfiltered advice about anything career or academic related. They truly have a passion for developing young professionals!
  7. Get the inside scoop on what benefits you should look for in a job. Companies don’t always post specific benefit information on their websites, but it’s an important part of compensation to consider. Be in-the-know by asking the benefit experts!
  8. Amazing food. What college student doesn’t like free food? There will be appetizers and refreshments! Pretzel. Bun. Sandwiches. Yum!
  9. Have your résumé included in a book that will go to 29 companies! If you register by March 4, your resume will be included in a résumé book that will be seen by 29 companies, which will go to the people that matter most!
  10. Statistics show most people found their last job from business connections. It really is about WHO you know, not WHAT you know.Business connections will last you your whole career and can be useful for more than just job-hunting!
  11. Learn about companies in the area! Whether you want to stay local or not, there are so many amazing local companies that will be attending, many of which have operations nationally and globally!

Over 25 employers will be in attendance, including:

Milwaukee Bucks, ManpowerGroup, Siemens Healthcare, Briggs & Stratton, Aurora Health Care, Kohler, Rexnord, Deloitte, Baird, Baker Tilly, and Northwestern Mutual

No matter your major, the opportunity to network is always something you should take advantage of. Why not do it in a fun, relaxing way with the people that could potentially make your career dreams happen?

Register now!

This post was written in collaboration with the Human Resources Management Organization Executive Board.

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