The Reality (1)

By Diana Korakiewicz

The brisk cold wind blew against his face as he stood outside in the moonlight wondering what his future had in store. Looking around he saw nothing but the moonlight sparkling off of windows, and cars parked along the street. He knew he was just digging himself into a bigger hole, but what other choice did he have. Trudging home he saw life unfolding before him. He was DISSONANT, wearing torn clothes, walking down a street with the perfect side of town, who were dressed in fancy clothing. He saw people heading home with people they hold dear. His heart hurt, he felt like a MISFIT, and his CONFIDENCE dropped to the floor. Every time he saw someone he tried to dodge a bullet by turning around, and walking in another direction. He looked up and down streets, and side to side. He was alert and CIRCUMSPECT but he took one wrong turn into an alley he shouldn’t have. Greeting him were glowing eyes of a big city rat eating whatever he could get a hold of. Next to those he saw glowing eyes of a person two times his size ready to attack.

Looking the man up and down he saw something glisten in his hands. Noticing the man standing up he thought to himself, my life can’t end like this. There’s no way. There was no way he could beat him it was UNEVEN with a guy double his size. So without a hesitation he sprinted. He sprinted the fastest he could, NONSTOP, with the image of the glowing eyes stuck in his head. His heart beating fast and his breath heavy, with the image of the glistening object in the man’s hand fueling his speed. After that experience he became paranoid with every step he took into the dark. He started looking behind his shoulder every minute, hoping that no one’s following him. His backpack jingled every time he jumped from seeing a bush move. Trying to DISTRACT himself, he thought about how proud his friends and family would be, if he got away with it. He felt accomplished with a COMBINATION of guilt and power. He constantly DISPUTED with himself whether he should of done what he did. He didn’t mean to do anything MALICIOUS, but will anyone realize that?