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Pngme is a platform that utilizes blockchain technology to build a valid identity and reputation from MSMEs. Pngme uses a blockchain based solution that allows Pngme users to build a trustworthy profile for all stakeholders in the ecosystem.

Pngme is a platform that establishes a digital business identity and the reputation of MSMEs as an acceptable credibility assessment for suppliers and financial institutions

Face the real market. Pngme provides a platform to build valuable partnerships that will take you into an attractive ecosystem consisting of collectible business profiles that are profitable for business expansion.


Our mission is to close the $ 5.2 trillion dollar financial gap that affects 200 million micro, small and medium enterprises globally. This will encourage sustainable economic growth from the base of the financial pyramid to improve opportunities and quality of life.

  1. Build MSME profiles to ensure the integrity of their data
  2. Make a virtual ledger for each MSME transaction
  3. Reducing barriers to financial inclusion by providing reputation assessments
  4. A sustainable business model that allows MSMEs to appear on a higher scale
  5. Improving the economic capability of the entire MSME ecosystem

Pngme solves this problem with its sophisticated mobile blockchain technology by presenting a comprehensive banking experience that displays payments, savings and digital credit scores — precisely the financial infrastructure needed by those at the bottom of the financial pyramid to transact, access credit to grow their business, and save for emergencies or in the future.

The technology developed by Pngme significantly reduces these customer service costs and opens significant growth opportunities by serving customers directly through our mobile application. Pngme also partners with existing technology companies to provide corporate white label solutions to serve the existing large community of customers who are not financially included.

How are the benefits of SMEs from Pngcoin?

  1. Create a credible business profile for them, by processing the user’s non-financial data to build a credit rating
  2. Enable easy access to funding applications
  3. Able to get lower prices through aggregate purchases
  4. Earning points for making transactions, which can be exchanged for discounts or services

Individuals and businesses are constrained in their financial growth and development and need a comprehensive banking experience delivered by Pngme to:

  1. Current income trends
  2. Get financing to grow a business
  3. Protect from natural and man-made disasters
  4. To save for life events (birth, marriage, funeral, home ownership)

Individuals and businesses are financially excluded because of the following main factors:

  1. Inadequate financial education
  2. Geographical challenges
  3. The cost of traditional financial products is too expensive (ie cellular money services like M-PESA)
  4. No credit history

In addition Pngme’s mobile banking application increases access to finance for business owners and consumers. Featuring payments from mobile to mobile, savings and digital credit scores, this application gives consumers easy access to financing anywhere in the world from their mobile devices.

Users who test mobile applications must perform the following tasks:

  • Install an Android APK
  • Register using your mobile number
  • Add profile picture
  • Send 500 PNG to our Test Account by searching using this phone number 415–371–9233
  • Request 250 PNG from our Test Account by searching using this phone number 415–371–9233
  • Transfer 2000 PNG to your savings account for 12 months
  • Take a screenshot of your dashboard after you have completed your assignment and email it to
  • Answer the questionnaire sent via email from the Pngme team after the assignment is complete

We plan to invite the following users to test the beta application as follows:

  • Week 1 (May 13): 50 users
  • Week 2 (May 19): 100 users
  • Week 3 (May 26): Interviews & Feedback
  • Week 4 (June 3): 250 users
  • Week 5 (June 10): 500 users
  • Week 6 (June 17): 1000 users

Why is Pngme beneficial for MSME entrepreneurs?

Because of the negative problems of business development through credit, it is not channeled properly, thus hampering the growth of MSMEs in a country. So we at Pngme will educate the MSME market about the importance of correct data so that they can be trusted by large industry owners to get better bargaining power.

Why does Pngme have to use blockchain technology?

In the SME world, there is a complicated question that cannot be solved by the current system. Due to the large number of MSMEs that cannot match the human resources needed to capture data transactions, this causes obstacles in the MSME system itself. By utilizing Blockchain which emphasizes decentralized capabilities to provide incentives to users who contribute to the network by providing correct data is where Pngme’s role is played.

The number of replication transactions can be done in minutes and is not guaranteed. Data integrity is needed by MSMEs. So they can utilize their business in a sustainable manner. By using a blockchain, it also means that Pngme will implement encryption that allows the system to transact faster and safer.

Pngme was first launched with peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and savings account cryptocurrency payments that use interest using Pngcoin. Next Pngme will launch stable, regional, and asset-supported stable coins. This will allow payments, savings and loans supported by digital assets to be taken through our mobile application or DeFi Dapp in the following fiat currencies:

Pngme users will be able to bet Pngcoin to get interest and increase their Pngcoin ownership and get discounts on interest rates and loan fees. Every quarter Pngme will buy backPngcoin with 10% of its profits returned from users.

Pngme users will be able to:

  1. Make cellular payments
  2. Generate interest from savings
  3. Take out an asset-backed loan
  4. Build a digital credit trace score

Token Information:

  1. Token name: Pngcoin
  2. Ticker: PNG
  3. Token Type: ETH (ERC-20)
  4. Max Supply: 1,192.258,185 PNG
  5. Founder: 80,000,000 PNG (4 year locking, unlocked every month)
  6. Treasury: 113,362,909 PNG (locked for 1 year, then printed annually)
  7. Bounty Pool: 30,000,000 PNG
  8. Counselor: 5,000,000 PNG
  9. Incentive Distribution: 120,000.00 PNG
  10. Betting Distribution: 448,895,276 PNG
  11. Pngcoin Sales: 395,000,000 PNG


With a global presence, Pngme has a talented team with experience in blockchain technology, data science, product development, and growth.

  • Brendan Playford
  • Cate Rung
  • Giovanni Valdenegro
    Product designer
  • Ashley Wilson
    Business operations
  • Mashiat Mutmainnah
    Data Science Engineer
  • George Mosomi
  • Peter Okwara
    Blockchain Engineering

Our Advisor

  • Paul Sonier
    Blockchain technology
  • Arjun Dev Arora
  • AS Oberoi
    Counselor, Partnership
  • George Shaw
    Advisor, Data Science
  • Matt Wolf
    Blockchain technology
  • Grégoire Belhassen
    Growth & Partnership | Brazil
  • Jake Kuckeruk
    Counselor, Business Development
  • Zach Resnick
    New Economic Fund | Investor

Our Partners

Official resources of the project Pngme:


● BTT PROFILE LINK:;u=2591558
● ETH ADDRESS: 0xd61548E0d81A99174aD2Ab9c1F00e3069B34fAC1


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