The notes for this post.

“Innovation” vs. Perfection

A week or so I had a conversation over drinks with a designer friend of mine. We talked a whole lot about process; specifically how to balance quality vs. moving quickly. I took down some notes afterwords, planning to think on ‘em and write up a post.

In re-reading them, I decided that—to be true to their spirit—I should probably just type them up and ship them unedited. What’s the worst that could happen? Anyway, I’m not even sure I buy all of this, but here they are.

Discussion is encouraged.

"Innovation" vs. Perfection <—Bad words

1. try and understand the problem

2. take your best stab at a solution

3. :shipit: <— Important!

4. gather feedback and metrics

5. iterate

6. repeat

Tips & Notes

Pick your battles. Push the envelope where it makes sense.

Getting something out is almost always better than trying to build consensus.

Simple, clear and easy to use are always more important than wow factor.

The best product marketing is an awesome product.

A product shouldn’t “put on airs"— it should do what the fuck it does.

Look, you're not Blizzard or Apple or Pixar. Most of us have customers waiting for something and getting down in the weeds, trying to make something perfect just punishes them. Sure, make sure it's functional and not outright confusing. That's part of the process and you can always fix it.

Always push forward, ship the best you got and iterate from there.

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