Life of a teen

My name is Dorota kramkowska. I have 2 other siblings and 2 step siblings. My real siblings have different dads so I guess they’re half siblings. I have a lot a lot of animals. I really like to read and just relax. I sometimes like to walk if I have someone to walk with. I don’t do a lot in my life except for school and sleeping hangout win my bf. I really like to eat and I love going to buffets. Those are my favorite food places. I like to spend time with friends and do friend things. We sit in a circle and hang. If I’m not with my boyfriend then I’m at home. My life consists of eating Chinese and laying in bed. I actually like going to school because I like learning and summer was filled of bad decisions and doing nothing so my brain didn’t do much thinking or working.

I like this song because I heard it at my boyfriends brothers wedding and I feel like it just made its way to my heart. It reminds me a lot of my boyfriend and has meaning to it.

My grandma inspires me because she’s a really good person and she cooks good.

Izzie inspires me to not have such big hands

Haley inspires me to become better and let myself grow. She’s an amazing person with an amazing personality.

My dream is to have a wrangler. They’re very nice looking cars and to be able to take the doors off is amazing.

American cheese is how I see America. There’s so many fat people it’s probably because of all the cheese they eat.

I also just see Americans drinking their beer. I mostly see Americans as white trash and hillbillys.

Americas all about the Eagles and stuff

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