What is karma?

Do you really believe in karma? Well I don’t. But I believe there is something that makes you suffer for bad and enjoy for good. Or may be it’s just the way people perceive it. A good person, with ideal character and only good habits will never do such a thing, treating himself to karma. But people suffer karma who are mischievous, bad and unkind. Well they do things in a bad way that their way of telling things pays them their price of karma. In a recent accident, in Pakistan, where an oil tanker carrying petrol, tumbled over the highway resulting in leaks of oil. Well anyone would surely say, a big tragedy just got diverted. Seeking free petrol from an upside-down petrol tanker makes no sense. People, started filling buckets, bottles, polythene bags and some even parked their motorbikes in the vicinity to fill it’s tank directly with free petrol. Well it is estimated by news agencies that more than 150 people were present, collecting free petrol.

To the irony of this incident, oil tanker caught fire and exploded. Killing atleast 153 people in the tragedy. Well I m not linking this with karma thing but it clearly shows sick mentality of those people and a poor response for the earlier incident and yes it also highlights the absence of proper management and authorities to tackle the situation and warn people of the upcoming potential threat. Well the sights which was lavishly green and people laughing and smiling of their own mischievous act, turned to a barren burnt land with hundreds of skeleton lying beside, there were dead bodies, completely evaporated with only skeletons left behind. People stuck in their motor bikes burnt and pitch black human bodies. The sight was horrendous and scary. With this incident, people will consider using their common sense.

Well this was a tragedy, but the cause of fire comes out to a cigarette! Wow! Now that is something very very stupid. In the vicinity of a rolled out tanker filled with highly inflammable petrol, in the absence of official authorities people were smoking. That is really an act of stupidity. Well a slight spark from a cigarette is said to be the cause of this tragedy. Well sometimes people learn with their mistakes. But this one, people are not even alive to see and realise their mistake.

So, is karma a bitch? Well I don’t want to relate this to karma. It was an act of poor mentality and improper actions taken by the government of Pakistan.


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