We redesigned the HDFC mobile banking experience. Here’s how.
Dhivya Ramanujam

Good read , nicely done ! But I think you may be over-simplified the user personas based on the survey results . I think a more denser scenarios would be related to user having personal account, credit card and home/car loan with the same bank and user wishing for single app to manage all those scenarios. UX becomes challenging in those scenarios. ICICI has all of these integrated and it is a great experience over there !

One of the feature that I want any app to do is to assimilate the typical user behavior and adjust menu or quick actions so that they can complete their task quickly. For instance , ‘Favorite number’ was user driven activity that is mostly not used in smartphones whereas the ‘frequent contact’ as a feature led to fulfilling the same use case without any extra work .

Also find the blue iconography( not in the menu) in white background bit jarring to the otherwise nicely done design.

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