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Quiconque a utilisé des produits de tests génétiques commerciaux comme ceux offerts par 23andMe ou AncestryDNA connaît bien l’idée d’« ascendance génétique ». Après l’envoi d’une trousse de salive, ces entreprises fournissent un rapport avec des chiffres apparemment précis qui vous indiquent « quel pourcentage de votre ADN » (pour citer le rapport 23andMe) peut être retracé jusqu’à différentes populations dans le monde.

À priori, il semble que cette estimation devrait…

[read also Important Announcement by Columbia University and New York Genome Center]

Up until now, DNA.Land was a research project of Columbia University and the New York Genome Center. But most members of the research team have now left the two institutions and this research project is ending. Columbia University and the New York Genome Center have agreed to release their rights in the DNA.Land website to us, the creators of the website.

On Oct 1st 2019, we plan to relaunch DNA.Land as an independent site, but not as an academic project. The plan is for DNA.Land 2.0 to be…

DNA.Land started almost four years ago as a small academic research project and has grown to over 150,000 members. During the course of the study, DNA.Land served participants from all over the world, published an academic paper, and created unique data assets to fight breast cancer.

As you may know, DNA.Land was created and run by geneticists from Columbia University and the New York Genome Center. However, as of September 30, 2019, DNA.Land will no longer be part of or operated by researchers from Columbia University and the New York Genome Center and will no longer be under the oversight…

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This post is by Dr. Joe Pickrell (@joe_pickrell)

Anyone who has used commercial genetic testing products like those offered by 23andMe or AncestryDNA will be familiar with the idea of “genetic ancestry”. After mailing in a saliva kit, these companies return a report with seemingly-precise numbers that tell you “what percent of your DNA” (to quote from the 23andMe report) can be traced back to different populations around the world.

At a superficial level, it seems like getting this estimate should be straighforward — look at someone’s genome…

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