Character Profile: Airwin Farpetor

Family History

The Farpetor’s are an old family of torturers working for House Parel for centuries. They operate The Conciliator, an old and strict torturer’s guild. Airwin is third-son to Lanis and Alhala Farpetor with brothers Adewin and Roldal Farpetor and sister Bersia Farpeter.

Major Childhood Events

Fell in love with a young woman held in the dungeons under the care of The Conciliator. When her torture began, Airwin protested to his mother. His mother revealed that the woman did not likely possess the information she was alleged to have but that their family’s methods had a knack of producing what Lord’s desired anyway.

It was at this moment that Airwin decided that the world was arbitrary. That men made conspired and acted towards their own interests and that no further forces guided the histories. In his disgust, he gave mercy to the young woman, helping her to commit suicide — a crime that comes at the cost one’s own torture. During a confrontation, Airwin killed his brother Adewin, the first in line to head the house and fled forever disowned by his family.

Central Motivations

Rational Hedonism

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