Customers, You are not Forever King and Queen.

What do you expect of “start from IDR 3K” price trip to provide you high-rated services into every corner of metro City?

This keeps questioning me all the time and works as the answer at once.

Indonesia’s Online-based Motorcycle services-also known as “Online Ojek”-has been coming as a new perspective embracing bright idea in today’s society. It is irrefutable that Online Ojek is going to become most celebrated solution to overcome series of total-complicated problems onto current traffic. It offers us a fast, easy-techno and suitable service in a simple yet sophisticated package. That is why lot more people, moreover the millennials, are in love with Online Ojek.

Starting from around IDR 3K or around 23 cents USD (on promotion period), customers will receive full-licensed driver with supporting safety riding tools, consist of standard helmet and mask. The price depends on how far the journey is and customers are able to track driver current location. Afterwards, customers have an opportunity to give rating and write down any comments during the trip as a summary of driver’s performance. Further, Online Ojek covers several features for delivery of goods, foods and specific services. As an extra benefit, it costs less price in average than conventional ones. In a glance, online Ojek has what it takes to be most recommended public vehicle and delivery services.

Yet for some customers, mean us, who are determined as never-satisfied species in earth, have tendency to be high, or even over-expecting against the service. “I personally cannot deny those benefits. But, I want them in way better!”. Lots of customers are also feeling disappointed of Online Ojek. Various reasons are walking behind under-expectation statement: immediately cancellation of order, belated food delivery, obstacle to figure out the best route until the lack of hospitality of the driver. Those problems are most happening in the midst of business.

Professionally, those complaints definitely bring multiple minus scores for the business. But when it comes into human capacity, it throws a big question to us: what actually do we expect from “start from IDR 3K” price trip to provide us high-rated services into every corner of metro City? Are we eligible enough to complain? What I am drawing is not to beg customers’ forgiveness even for the least mistake. The point is to let us be more realistic before complaining. Think again before going mad. Drivers are human too. Strongly believe that they have tried to serve us way best as they can according to performance indicator they have to fulfill for bonus and recognition. I am not a driver, not a part of Online Ojek Company, neither of having related relationship with them. I am no more than just a customer. All of us are customers. Customers are not always meaning as a king and queen forever. Yet somehow we make ourselves as king and queen in the making.

That is just better that from now on, remove “the crown” from our head and begin to appreciate more. That is all.