Here is a creative writing technique that I use to get my creative juices flowing

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Recently, I took a creative writing course with the Open University. This course has trained me to do certain things in order to enhance my writing and in doing so, I have learned some incredible writing techniques that have improved my writing and ideas along with being able to produce content regularly.

One of the writing techniques I use each day is in a book titled Becoming a Writer by Dorothea Brande recommended to me by the Open University. …

Make money writing poetry

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Do you write poetry?

Can you make money from writing poems?

The answer is yes. I hadn’t thought about it until I wrote a collection of poems. I started to write poetry more than I thought it could be possible. Writing a poem every day knowing I could publish a book motivated me. It can motivate you too.

I don’t usually write poetry but recently I wrote a poem for my second book Life on the Run in a series titled Time to Run that’s coming out in October 2020 (poem below). …

A poem about city life

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A bustling city street
Zooming cars speeding
Horns blowing
Noisy, polluted, busy.

People rushing about
Trying to get to work
Crowds of tourists
Browsing the city streets.

But alas, no more crowds
No more tourists
No more workers
Bustling or rushing about
Only the virus escalating
Lockdown control
To keep us safe.

Now, quiet streets
Fewer tourists
Fewer people
Life still goes on.

©️ Denise Larkin 2020. All Rights Reserved.

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Denise Larkin

An author/writer of fiction novels and poetry living in London writing about her experiences on Medium. dlarkin121@gmail.com

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