If you still don’t know what Bluzelle is about, this is for you.

At the core of Bluzelle's technology is a delegated proof of stake blockchain with 10000 TPS. Bluzelle's interoperability also enables tokens to connect to BluzelleNet regardless of what blockchain they originate. But the most exciting feature of

Bluzelle is that it gives developers the ability to store thier dapp data in a decentralized manner, making it impossible for any one person or institution to tamper with the data.

Bluzelle enables Dapps to store their data in a place that is both decentralized and mutable, getting the best of everything. Keep your data fresh but safe from hackers and censorship-resistant.

So why exactly aren't you aren't you building on Bluzelle?
Start integrating with BluzelleDB today. We support a variety of programming languages like javascript, Go & Python.

See you at the moon!


How concerned are you about your privacy and security? Especially in the post covid19 environment.
Data is the new currency, and no one wants their data out there under the control of just anyone...

Enter... Bluzelle.

Bluzelle is a decentralized data network that enables dapps and tokenized applications to manage…

Dlaur Lm

A Cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast, that's focused on creating more awareness about and for the Cryptocurrency and blockchain Industry.

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