Changing the Way We Hire + Get Hired

I love my job. I dislike the reputation incompetent Recruiters have set forth

Recruiting isn’t easy. If done well, if done right, it’s difficult. a proper recruitment workflow will be time-sensitive, temperament sensitive and one must know not only the various professions/industries/companies/cultures, etc. of which engagement will be set forth, but also the potential candidates and Hiring Managers professional goals, personal preferences, and job requirements as well. However, if executed with proper preparation, knowledge, tools, finesse and people skills, it works and can be one of the most gratifying professional experiences out there.

Unfortunately, the majority of the Recruiters out there, particularly ‘Agency Recruiters,’ didn’t the get the memo. For all the Recruiters reading this, I have an important message for you on behalf of the universe: seize inundating folks with ‘job opportunities’ that are of no interest to them, outside the scope of their profession and/or skill-set, interest, etc. If you’re unaware of the prospects’ interest level or remotely qualified , find out before blasting them email templates! Get to know him or her. Try adding value to their profession or insight on potentially leveraging their career... Build a relationship! You are in sales, believe it or not. Your product is people and/or career opportunities. This is important and in my opinion, the highest and most difficult form of sales as a profession. Recruitment plays a key role in a person’s livelihood and/or a company’s future and most significant investment! Know the position/profession/company/industry of interest better than your prospects! Be a professional and treat your own profession with the respect it deserves!

Now, I know that’s easier said than done. I get it. Recruiting is broken as a process. I get that too. However, if you hold true to the above, we have a creative + innovative solution for the hiring platform that effectively addresses the many fundamental issues Recruiters, Candidates + Hiring Managers have agonized over for years. In honor of simplicity, I have outlined the major components of this hiring platform and the problems of which each component address throughout the recruiting + hiring process for all players involved:

Solution: Trusted, Regulated Recruiter Network- Member Recruiters are rated + reviewed on prior engagements by the Hiring Managers and/or Candidates of whom they have placed. This weeds out the tried and true, proven successful Recruiters + promotes their strengths (or weaknesses) providing transparency.

Problem: Recruiters, Agencies + the profession of talent acquisition is 100% unregulated.

Solution: Industry-Expert (segmented) Recruiters / Networks- Hiring Authorities + Corporate HR Departments are getting matched with tenured, industry-experienced Recruiters of whom are well-connected, knowledgeable within the position, profession + industries of interest.

Problem: Incompetent Recruiters and/or lack of industry/profession/position knowledge or experience.

Solution: Inbound Recruitment Platform- adds value to all players involved. Prospective Candidates, Recruiters + Hiring Companies enjoy relevant content, tools + resources of which also builds rapport, trust and recognition so when the time is right, receptiveness is more likely upon engagement.

Problem: Contacting prospects only when needed Our studies show Candidates dissatisfaction with Recruiters lies within feeling ‘used’ and then ‘dropped like a bad habit’ if/when rejected for a position of interest then never hearing from the Recruiter again.

Solution: Membership-based Recruiter Resource Hub- Providing qualified, rated + reviewed Recruiters access to top-tier recruitment tools, resources + robust referral platform promoting collaboration and exponential talent reach throughout the network and social communities.

Problem: Lack of recruitment resources, tools, industry-specific assets, connections and/or targeted referral opportunities.

Solution: Candidate Match Technology- Enabling candidates to utilize the Recruiter Network, connections + resources to passively, confidentially and proactively source opportunities of interest.

Problem: Recruiters + Hiring Companies sourcing candidates for open positions rather than candidates having the ability to source job opportunities aligning with their career goals, geographical + personal preferences.

In additional to the platform, we have implemented standard practices such as:

Proven science-based Predictive Hiring- ensuring the best possible skill-set + cultural matching, significantly decreasing attrition

Cultural Fit Technology- never underestimate the importance of the right cultural fit for both the Candidate as well as the team/company

On-Demand Video Interview clips- allowing the Candidate opportunity to showcase their communication style and presentation skills

Automated Reference Checks- yielding more accurate, complete references in less turnaround time

Expert Profiles- allowing Candidate’s the default option of remaining 100% autonomous + confidential or robust SEO features + customized Candidate Campaigns

Optimized Job Descriptions / Video Job Descriptions- offer more targeted audience features, higher review rate of targeted audience, increased understanding of opportunity offerings

And best of all… the entire process is facilitated by the worlds top ranked Recruiters of whom will be matched to interested Candidates and Hiring Managers/HR based of specific needs, preferences and geographical areas of interest.

Oh, and by the way, for Candidates the service is free, Hiring Companies will pay about half of what they would for a traditional Recruiter or Agency and can expect scientifically proven, data-driven, guaranteed results in about half the time as traditional recruitment models or alternatives. For Recruiters, the services is on a referral basis and contingent upon application approval. Check out Hire.Ventures and let us know what your thoughts are… Happy Hiring!

Darren Lawson | Founder + Principal Recruiter @ Hire.Ventures

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