Best Gaming Headsets 2017 for Serious Gamers

Serious gamers depend on their hardware with trust to be at top of their game. This fact applies on all kinds of gamers. And this holds true for those who present in the professional games scene. We are talking about those gamers who play Counter Strike and those who spend many hours online battling it out in intense multiplayer games such as Battlefield 3. These high intensive games require quick voice communication without any frills. Thankfully, for those gamers, there are plenty of gaming options now available in India. There are many brands offering a wide range of headphones in the market. Some gaming headsets come with microphones, some without microphones. We have listed such gaming headsets. Let’s have a look on the list.

1) Kotion Each G2000 -

Kotion Each G2000 comes with High precision 50mm magnetic neodymium driver that brings you vivid sound field and sound clarity. It is powered with splendid ambient noise isolation. And Earmuffs are made of skin friendly leather material. It has super soft over ear-pads that more comfortable for long time wear. And It has glaring LED light that make the environment awesome while playing games.

2) SA 708 Xpower -

SA 708 Xpower is very unique, well shaped and designed gaming headset. It comes with foldable hidden microphone. It has premier SADES-AFV volume control with extra mic muted function. It comes with soft PU leather cushion ear-pad and head-pad because of this, it is very comfortable to wear.

3) Logitech G430 -

Logitech G430 is powered with Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound. You will experience an immersive 360 degree soundfield that lets you hear that you can’t see. It has on-cable sound controls. It is compatible with PS4, Windows 10, 8,1 and Vista. It is light-weight gaming headset.

4) SteelSeries 61411 Siberia Raw -

We know very well the quality of SteelSeries headsets. SteelSeries 61411 Siberia Raw is built for comfort. This headset has a soft padded headband. The adjustable headband makes it easy to customize. It delivers powerful and crystal clear sound. This headsets lets you enjoy sound, pure and unfiltered.

5) Kingston HyperX Cloud Core -

Kingston HyperX Cloud Core has leatherette memory foam ear pads and a super soft padded leatherette headband that gives you maximum comfort. This headset delivers ear-pleasing performance with crystal clear lows, mids and highs, enhanced bass reproduction and the same audio specs as the award-winning HyperX Cloud headset. It’s pro-gaming optimized comes with a detachable microphone and the distinctive HyperX design and TeamSpeak certified.

So these are the 3 of best gaming headsets. You can go for anyone of them. If you want to see more gaming headsets then no problem. You can see the whole list of best gaming headsets 2017. This will help you to choose the best gaming headset for you.