From Geek to Sleek — Cryptographic Security Tokens Are Set to Become the Investment Megatrend of 2019? Are you positioned?

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The blockchain revolution is far from over. In fact, it’s just getting started.

We saw massive disruption in traditional venture capital fundraising over the last couple of years as billions of dollars flowed into ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings). In hindsight, we might say this was a beta-test for what is about to happen.

Regulatory enforcement driven by the SEC put the kibosh on the wild-west like atmosphere of the nascent blockchain-based crowdfunding phenomenon created by the ICO model.

While reports of blockchain projects being hacked are not uncommon the reality is that these incidents involved mismanagement of private keys by users and faulty software built on top of the blockchain. The blockchain itself remains unhackable.

The key takeaway from that first evolutionary cycle of blockchain disruption is that the cryptographic proof of ownership for fungible digital assets intrinsic to blockchain technology works exceedingly well.

The antifragile properties of blockchain technology proved remarkably resilient and adaptive to regulatory constraints. Rather than simply disappearing into the dustbin of tech fad history, the ICO model mutated into a new model that is poised to unlock trillions of dollars of capital in 2019 and beyond.

That new model is the STO or Security Token Offering. Security tokens are SEC compliant instruments backed by the assets of the issuer, that entitle the owner to things like equity, voting rights, royalty distributions and profit sharing to name a few.

These benefits ultimately depend on the issuer but the programmatic capabilities of these new digital instruments allow for previously impossible flexibility from an issuer standpoint and create a massive opportunity from an investment standpoint.

Hedge funds, pension plans and other collective investment schemes are increasingly shifting their focus to this new investment vehicle, attracted by a maturing market, security token proliferation and the emergence of licensed marketplaces designed for the efficient trade of new tokenized asset products.

A growing number of projects for licensed security token exchanges are expected to hit the market next year, only a select few have the potential to become market leaders and enjoy a first-mover advantage. The outcome will be as much about speed to market, as it will be around robustness, security and investor appeal.

One such project quickly gaining traction is a blockchain business accelerator and compliant crowdfunding platform called DealBox.

With over 148,000 registered users and $1B of vetted STO projects in the pipeline, DealBox offers investors access to data on vetted venture opportunities at the pre-STO phase.

DealBox ventures are assessed by seasoned traditional venture funding experts, a growing team of cryptoeconomics analysts, and blockchain technologists.

The rigorous vetting process ensures that the team is capable, that the deal is structured properly, a robust capital markets plan is in place, financial models are validated, the technology is sound, the business model is solid, and the project has a high probability for success before being prepared for a token sale launch.

Current DealBox offerings include everything from fintech/securities, real estate, supply chain management, lifestyle companies, cannabis, GPS/spatial mapping technology, and media companies as well as blockchain technology.

The DealBox platform is built around simplicity, optimized automation and is being positioned as non-techie-friendly, data-centric platform for individual investors and groups looking for a professionally curated STO investment strategy.

With the amount of institutional capital being outlayed and infrastructure being built toward the tokenization of securities and assets, including projects being funded by NASDAQ and NYSE, it’s not hyperbole to say that STOs are the future of investing.

Sea change events like the disruption of traditional financial markets by blockchain technology only occur every few decades. You simply cannot afford to ignore this next wave of financial innovation.

DealBox (DLBX) security tokens are currently being issued via a private presale at a discount until December 1, 2018 and provide a 25% gross profit royalty distribution.

Learn more at:

This offering is limited to accredited investors.

Seen in publications such as Time, Money, Forbes, Silicon Valley Review, Business Insider, Huffington Post, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Disclosures: Carefully consider all risks, charges and expenses associated with this offering. Investing in tokenized assets (ICOs/STOs) involves substantial risks and is only suitable for sophisticated investors. Please see our disclosure documents and token purchase agreement for additional information. You can contact us to request this information directly.

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