The Wright Way of Thinking

Never Give Up

The Wright brothers taught us countless lessons that we can all use in our everyday life. We should never give up regardless of the situation whether it be at school, work, or an extracurricular activity we should try our hardest until we reach our intended result. If you don’t have the drive to achieve your goal you will never amount to anything in life.

Success is Created From Failure

No person has ever tried to create something and on their first attempt succeeded. Success literally comes from failure because you and forced to improve your product or idea after it doesn’t go as you plan. You have to prototype and reevaluate until you reach your intended outcome.

Don’t Overthink

One of the worst things an aspiring entrepreneur can do is overthink things. If you over think things it will get into your head and get you off your train of thought. Also let your peers doubt you all they want because at the end of the day you are gonna achieve your goal and prove them all wrong.

All in all you should always try your hardest to achieve what you dream of and even though trials and tribulations may slow you down, you will eventually reach your goal.

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