Credit: John Englart (Takver). CC by SA 2.0

Dear Anna Soubry,

I am writing to you because of my deep concerns about the climate crisis and because I believe that you, as a moderate, business- and innovation-friendly MP, are well poised to advocate for a carbon fee and dividend policy. As an MP who has visited refugee camps, I’m sure you are well aware of the fact that the climate crisis will displace millions of the most vulnerable people in the world.

As you may know, under the Climate Change Act, the UK has legally binding emission reduction targets and we are currently on track to meet our…

I just read this new article by Guardian journalist Carole Cadwalladr and it is possibly the most terrifying one I’ve read in a long while… terrifying enough for me to pen my thoughts here… It’s a long article for sure but well-worth reading so I suggest you go ahead and do that now before continuing with the rest of my piece! If you don’t have the time, here’s my short summary:

A number of data science “psych-ops” companies owned by billionaires Robert Mercer and Peter Thiel have bought huge data sets filled with offline information about you (such as your…

I just discovered this newly published study on arXiv today that I thought was super cool. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the future of machine learning and while I had been expecting this for a while, to finally see some solid research is amazing! It basically evolves a bunch of convolutional neural networks using a genetic algorithm to create an optimal network for image classification. To explain what the heck I’m talking about, read on!

Durand D'souza

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