Having read Jill Carlson’s Coindesk opinion piece, “Stop Treating Bitcoin as Risky. It’s a Safer Asset Than Most,” I was dumbstruck. I agreed with almost everything she had to say, but something felt off. So I read it again. And again.

Jill evaluates Bitcoin as an investment.

But the most compelling arguments Jill makes are as follows:

This perception misses bitcoin’s most important properties. Bitcoin is, in many ways, the ultimate safe haven asset. It can be self-custodied, so even when systems of trust and rule of law breaks down, it can be held. It is open and borderless, with relatively liquid markets in every country in the world. It is censorship-resistant, meaning no government nor institution can, practically speaking, prevent investment or transaction in bitcoin. Bitcoin has a fixed supply, much like gold. Bitcoin is digital, which makes it practical to hoard, hold and transport.


Dustin LeFebvre

Decred Contributor

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