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Buster Keaton — The Battling Butler

Intents are an essential part of the Android ecosystem. They are used to express an action to be performed and can be classified into implicit and explicit intents. In an abstract way, all intents together define a navigation layer inside an application. In this article we will explain why the Android way to create explicit intents is error-prone and also show some problematic ways to solve it. Finally, we will introduce Dart & Henson, a library that generates this navigation layer and make it easy, convenient, fast and robust to navigate among your activities and services.

Explicit intents are used to run specific components, habitually application internal activities or services. Together with the intent, additional information can be provided to the target components using extras. For instance, the following code creates an explicit intent and triggers an…


Daniel Molinero Reguera

Software engineer, Science geek

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