Waiting for the interview to commence, Lindsey Forbes stood patiently in the Reynolds School of Journalism lounge area. She seemed as professional as someone who has been on camera 1,000 times before. Remaining calm and enthusiastic before the start of the interview, her dress attire fit perfectly to the given situation.

Forbes, the president of Alpha Omicron Pi, has set new foundations within the University of Nevada, Reno campus. While the campus holds 11 other sororities, Alpha Omicron Pi is ready to show its worthiness on campus.

Forbes is consistent with her spirited nature towards this university, and her professional interview skills definitely showed. Her motivation in helping out girls to become who they are here on campus has lead to her presidency. This did not start with Alpha Omicron Pi.

Forbes has been president of other organizations. She was president of Alpha Kappa Si, a coed business fraternity, and the University Studies Abroad Club City Club. Forbes’ responsibilities as president are as important as any high leadership position. Communication is very important to her.

“We must have great communication as a whole so our sorority does not fall through the cracks,” she said.

While much of Forbes contributions towards the sorority happens on campus, just as much happens off it. Alpha Omicron Pi’s philanthropy is how women are affected by arthritis at a crippling rate. This sorority chose to sponsor arthritis because it is about supporting a network and helping each other out.

Forbes, 21, was born in Michigan and raised in Reno, NEV. The high school she attended was in the northwestern part of Reno, McQueen High School. Forbes, who is senior at the university, is studying mathematics with a minor in biology. Forbes did not seek out to become president, it just came to her when she was getting more involved with the university.

Her achievements as president were outstanding and now there will be new shoes for the next Lindsey Forbes to fill.

“Absolutely not, I don’t think anyone seeks out to become president as a little girl. It has been an awesome opportunity,” she says.

When the semester comes to an end Forbes will be looking ahead in her calendar and reflecting her times as president.

Forbes said, “I will actually leave at the end of December. I have a lot of applications to put in for the next president. I must have a set calendar for the next semester.”

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