It is undeniable that containers have had a big impact on today’s software engineering. From infrastructure to deployments and development, containers introduced many benefits and challenges along the way. Some of the challenges we found at passbolt revolve around how to harden the containers and how to make them smaller.

Nowadays docker images look more like small virtual machines rather than just an encapsulated process running in a container. This is usually convenient for the vast majority of vendors. However, reducing the size of passbolt container images would:

  • Reduce the disk usage.
  • Improve build times on CI.
  • Minimize network usage…

We know, Installing passbolt is a quite hot topic. You just need to go in the community forum to realize:


Recently we have been working on an updated docker image for passbolt. In this article we wanted to give you a little background around the choices we made when designing this new version.


Passbolt is an open source password manager for teams that aims to be easy to use both for regular and advanced users. Naturally usability was also one of the main objectives for bundling passbolt with docker. We want everyone to be able to ship quickly a stable, fast and small footprint instance.

The team is currently focused on making Passbolt great again. This means that most of…

Diego Lendoiro

I was born on the 80s

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