“Maybe It’s My Fault” — Michael Jordan

“Maybe it’s my own fault. Maybe I led you to believe it was easy when it wasn’t. Maybe I made you think my highlights started at the free throw line, and not in the gym. Maybe I made you think that every shot I took was a game winner. That my game was built on flash, and not fire. Maybe it’s my fault that you didn’t see that failure gave me strength; that my pain was my motivation. Maybe I led you to believe that basketball was a God given gift, and not something I worked for every single day of my life. Maybe I destroyed the game. Or maybe you’re just making excuses.” — Michael Jordan

A few years ago, I use to spend a lot of my time watching motivational videos. I have seen them all! I remember I was watching a successful video right before going to bed, that night I spend the night jogging outside.. Why?! Because I got so pumped up, it is like drugs. You get hyped for limited time, then you need more and more.

I learned a lot, I won’t lie. I realized that you don’t need super powers to become successful, but discipline and dedication through hard-work. Your goal won’t pop-up while you are watching TV. Everything in life, you must work hard for! I remember one of my friends said:

You must work as if luck does not exist!

One video that got me really inspired was Michael Jordan’s Commercial — “Maybe It’s My Fault”. He speaks throughout the whole video, it felt like he is talking to you. I expected like a typical introduction “Want to be successful, this is how..” with a lot of cool sounds in the background. But instead, Michael Jordan’s starts by saying “Maybe It’s My Fault”. Honestly, I got confused when he said that, but then he continues “Maybe I led you to believe it was easy when it wasn’t.”, here I get more confused

This video does not exaggerate, it tells you nothing more than the truth. Many people tend to think that successful people are just successful, but every person has worked their ass off to reach that position. But of course, you don’t see the struggle, only the pleasure. So in short, Michael Jordan’s is kinda upset that he made it look easy when it wasn’t. It feels like he wanted us to see his hard-work, but of course media does not focus on that because that is boring for the audience.

I hope you got something out of this blog. Do not hesitate to tell me how to do things better. If you liked this, please share and give feedback. I wish you an amazing day!

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