The story of my father

I watch and try to understand how successful people think and behave. Every individual has a unique story with challenges they needed to overcome to reach their desired goal. This motivates and drives me forward to achieve my goals. However, there is one person I really admire, his hard work and respect towards others without expecting anything back.

The story of my father

The story I share might not mean anything for you, but for me it means the world. This is someone that has given me life, purpose and objectives.


At young age, instead of playing with his friends and focusing on school, he decided to protect his family and country against Saddam Hussein’s brutality.

The point of no return

During that time, the media and the world knew little or nothing about what Saddam was doing to innocent people, and therefore could not provide with support such as military and medical assistance.

My father was a strong leader, he managed more than 30 soldiers and had to take critical life decisions. These soldiers were regular farmers with no combat skills, but the pure intention to protect their families.

What war feels like

The battlefield took place in the mountains, with little or no food. They had to fight and hide from jet-planes, tanks, helicopters and ground-soldiers with insufficient weapons and protection.

At night they had to protect themselves against dangerous animals such as venomous snakes, bears and wolves. Saddam was known for his brutality, mass-grave where he buried thousands of innocent families alive, Halabja where he used chemical weapons that lead to loss of thousands of human lives. He even killed his own family members for not having the same visions.


Imagine this; you live in a place where you can hear the sound of rockets flying over your head, sound of pain, sound of screaming children, and living with this uncertainty of never knowing when will it be your last time.

Words can’t describe his acts

After Saddam lost the war, he decided to move to Sweden to build his future and to be able to support his family financially. He went through many difficulties and had to work in imaginable places with low salary. As the war continued, he managed to eventually bring his family and other relatives to Sweden with all the money he had saved for himself. He even sacrificed his bachelor education in becoming an Electrical Engineer at the Royal Institute of Technology, which is one of Europe’s top technological universities, just to help his family. Despite all his effort and sacrifices, he expects nothing back but seeing them living a safe and stable life.

Would you sacrifices your dreams to help your family and relatives without getting anything back, or would anyone do it for you?

My promises

As I remember, I used to promise him that I would go to work early the day-after so he could sleep and relax home. Most of the times (actually, always!), he woke up before me, saw that I was in sleep, and went to work even though I had promised him I would help him. Lets talk about his work hours! He worked in average 16 hours per day, and still managed to smile and laugh with us, just to allow me and my little-brother living comfortable life. He would of course “force” us to work with him sometimes, so we could realize how important education is.


Despite his father had strong faith in Islam and forced him to become a Muslim at young age. He told us we can believe in whatever we want, as long as we respect others. He admires the world, and simply the way the universe behaves.

He is not a big fan of war nor seeing people getting hurt. He loves watching videos related to wild-life, technology and documentaries at night.

Hold your promise

He keeps his promises, one day he told me, “As long as you focus on education and doing good in life, I’ll stand by your side and support you all the way no matter what”. He has proven his words.

Even though he might not be a millionaire or movie star. He has inspired thousands of people, including me! He is open-minded, love telling stories and he would sacrifice his dreams to help others in need. His stories has inspired me, and without a doubt, I will pass his stories to those I love. In fact, he is a successful entrepreneur and a leader that has helped many people.

The clock is ticking

Time goes fast, and I hate to admit it, the ones you love will not be there forever. Me, you or everybody will one day leave this world. That is the beauty of nature. Once we leave, other amazing humans will continue to build the world.

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