How Customized Book Marketing Can Help You Generate Media Publicity & Increased Sales

by Dan Smith, CEO of Smith Publicity

Whether you’re a self-published or traditionally published author, getting your book the attention it deserves is not always an easy task. There are nearly a million books published every year in just the United States, so making your book stand out from others in your genre is of the utmost important. In order to set your book apart, you have to create a customized book marketing plan aimed at targeting your readership, as well as reporters. By securing meaningful media publicity in reputable media outlets related to your book, you can increase the exposure of your book, appeal to your audience, and position yourself as a leader in your field.

I have worked in the book marketing industry for two decades and have helped countless authors across all genres achieve the recognition they deserve. By creating customized book marketing plans specifically designed for each of our clients, my book marketing agency has been able to secure media publicity for our clients in many big-name TV programs, radio stations and magazines.

Our campaign case studies below are examples of how a customized book promotion plan can help authors generate media publicity and boost sales:

Punished for Purpose by Laurie Burns

Punished for Purpose is a compelling true-life story of abuse, hardship and inspiration. It’s the vivid tale of an abused child turned prostitute who can only reconcile her tragic existence as punishment for the sins she committed in a past life.

While human interest stories can be very compelling, it is a very crowded field, and we had to make Burns’ book stand out from the crowd. The Smith Publicity team brainstormed the most compelling ways of getting the media interested in Burns and her book. Our pitches focused primarily on her and her experiences rather than the book itself, which is a publicity approach we’ve been able to perfect over the years. We position authors in a unique and interesting way to the media, and when media coverage comes through, the book inevitably gets outstanding exposure.

Among many author media placements, we were able to secure one of the most coveted media hits in the book marketing industry, PEOPLE magazine. A multi-page feature story about Burns ran in the magazine, resulting in significant interest in both her and her book.

Selling to the C-Suite: What Every Executive Wants You to Know About Successfully Selling to the Top

by Nicholas Read

Selling to the C-Suite: What Every Executive Wants You to Know About Successfully Selling to the Top explores how executives can get involved in the corporate buying cycle and become trusted advisors at that level. The book contains in-depth interviews with executive-level decision makers of over 500 organizations to get their first-hand take on the topic.

Like many business writers, Read not only wanted book sales, but also he wanted to capitalize on media publicity to increase the exposure of his consulting business and to boost his reputation as a public speaker. To accomplish his goals, we concentrated on national business media outlets, as well as the vertical media industry. We pitched various bylined articles by Read, which helped him gain great print exposure. We also utilized his refined media skills to get him placed on national business shows. Read received publicity from many large media outlets, including Forbes, CNBC, MSNBC, USA Today, The Small Business Advocate, Selling Power, Leadership Excellence, Investor’s Business Daily, UK Business News, and he was featured on the cover of Brilliant Results.

Live a Life You Love: 7 Steps to a Healthier, Happier, More Passionate You by Dr. Susan Biali

Live a Life You Love: 7 Steps to a Healthier, Happier, More Passionate You discusses a 7-step program designed to improve your life. The book examines a number of topics, including understanding your body language and relationships to food and stress. We capitalized on Dr. Biali’s exceptional experience and credentials to create a customized media outreach approach to boost her profile and reputation as an expert in the personal wellness industry.

Due to the nature of her book, we were able to create intriguing “How To” articles and broadcast show pitches using the numerical publicity strategy. Media outlets are normally very interested in pitches that use this approach because they provide ready-ready made stories, and this worked out very well for Dr. Biali. Using this approach, she earned media coverage on Fox TV’s Fox and Friends, The Toronto Globe and Mail, plus publicity from over 25 local and national radio and television interviews.

In Conclusion

The key to successfully marketing your book is utilizing the media to gain exposure. In order to appeal to the media, you must create a customized book marketing plan that sets your book apart from others that are similar. With the right publicity approach, you can generate media publicity in big-name outlets and increase your sales and reputation.