See you are not old enough or experienced enough to realize what people like Obama are capable of…

Actually I watched the beav and Wally everyday after school for years, I know precisely who Eddie Haskell was

But I needed to know you were an old white guy longing for the day, yearning for life to be black and white, where mom wore a skirt and earrings as she stayed home all day, and dad wore a suit everyday and earned all the cash.

Those days are gone, they never really existed… it’s a tv show man and that was your childhood. This is reality 45 years later.

Abortion, energy, healthcare, the environment, climate change, race, immigration these are all real issues and we can’t handle them the way Ward and June might have liked. So you have to change with them in order to prepare the world to deal with tomorrow.

That means you need to rethink some of what you think you know.

We as a people, we the people cannot allow ourselves to demonize those who don’t think exactly like us. We need to talk to each other and compromise in order to move forward and that means accepting some things you don’t like. All of this red faced blame and finger pointing does nothing… and that applies to the right and the left equally.

If you think gay and transgender people are going away, going to quit wanting to get married or that women are not going to need and want abortions you are wrong. Talk to a 20 year old… climate change? Equality? Healthcare? it’s a forgone conclusion that it’s going to happen it’s just a matter of when you and Mitch McConnell finally die.

You can argue and spew anger, make obamas race an issue and talk about fixing the world by culling the herd. It doesn’t matter, the world, nature is culling you.

You want to really be a fixer? You need quite stubbornly holding on to ideals like the world beaver and whitey lived in. You don’t really have a choice.

I know you are going to talk lecture me about your values etc… and morals and how yours are right. People used to believe woman shouldn’t vote, that blacks were not equal and that grown men should be able to marry 15 year old girls. Those things were “right” at one point in time.

Change buddy, or get the hell out of the way.

Okay so you are pissed and you voted for trump because he agreed with everything you said, he promised you everything you asked for and he said we’d be great again, he said all the right things. Now you are pissed because you are starting to sense you were lied too… he cant deliver most of what he promised. I personally believe he never had any attention too… he’d had sold his mother if it meant a personal win.

But you believe it’s all the lefts fault and the left believes it’s all the rights fault etc.. it’s possible that one side is right, but I think it’s more plausible that both sides are wrong and we are all too concerned with winning at the others expense, or even just making sure the other side is losing more than we are. Your left vs rant raves are classic and I can find the flip side just as often…. And all of them are pointless. Nobody is talking about a middle ground, agreeing to disagree but looking to meet in the middle, something that works for everyone just so we can move on to address the next problem.

If you are willing to talk, I’m happy to discuss issues. But if all you can do is rant and blame and look to the past, I have no more time for you, because you don’t really want to fix anything, you just want to go back to the way things were.

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