Well no, read the last paragraph again. Not. addressing the major premise lol
Annie Brovernik

But if we keep deferring it, it is absolutely certain that one day it’s going to explode and take the whole world with it.

That sort of seems to be the premise of the guys article… and it’s hard to disaggree

Whatever you might think about obama or trump they do share an era where all sides seem totally unwilling to do what works for the country as a whole.

Instead opting for a do it my way or hit the highway approach. Each side spends a term trying to undo what the last did. To some extent this always existed… but it has reached epic proportions in the last couple of terms.

To the extent that it is now not political suicide, but instead deemed a quality, for a senator to claim they will fight all policies a given president proposes. Regardless of their value… or merit. All that matters is wining at our expense.