Louis Weeks, how can I engage you in an honest discussion?
Dustin Turin


Give it up man… I went through the same thing with Louis. He’s not really interested in discussing anything or exchanging anything. It’s like trying to have a meaningful conversation with an animated gif.

The scary part is that Louis is probably a normal guy for the most part. He thinks what he thinks for what he imagines is good reason. Somehow … and for some reason he has bought into this stagnant world where there is but one way to do everything, to view everything in the world. But he is a very angry man

The key… what I would love to know.. is how do you start a serious dialogue with Louis? I’m not saying how do I convince Louis to change his mind.. but how do you even get him to listen, and respond with his own thoughts.

Because there are a lot of Louis’s out there.. and if we can’t all talk about simple things without immediately resorting to base emotions .. well… we all screwed

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